Publications of the Topic Group 'Initial Data Analysis'

1. This is the main paper that introduces the initial data analysis framework and explains concepts.

Huebner M, le Cessie S, Schmidt CO, Vach W . A contemporary conceptual framework for initial data analysis. Observational Studies 2018; 4: 171-192.

2. This is a look at reporting pratices and recommendations for more transparency.

Huebner M, Vach W, le Cessie S, Schmidt C, Lusa L. Hidden Analyses: a review of reporting practice and recommendations for more transparent reporting of initial data analyses. BMC Med Res Meth 2020; 20:61.

3. Our first attempt at explaining initial data analysis aimed at a clinical audience. This is superseded by the framework paper (1).

Huebner M, Vach W, le Cessie S. A systematic approach to initial data analysis is good research practice. J Thoracic Cardiovas S. 2016; 151(1): 25-27. Link

4. A short introduction of aims and activities of our topic group:

Schmidt CO, Vach W, le Cessie S, Huebner M. STRATOS: Introducing the Initial Data Analysis Topic Group (TG3). Biometric Bulletin 2018; 35 (2): 10-11. Link