Project: Systematic review of IDA reporting

Project description

Our aim was to describe the practice of reporting of initial data analyses in observational studies in five highly ranked medical journals with focus on data cleaning, screening, and reporting of findings which led to a potential change in the analysis plan.

Authors: Marianne Huebner, Werner Vach, Saskia le Cessie, Carsten Oliver Schmidt, Lara Lusa

Project status: CLOSED

Project outcomes

1. Summary of current IDA reporting by location in papers with examples.

2. Recommendations for reporting practice of IDA in papers

3. Manuscript:

Hidden analyses: a review of reporting practice and recommendations for more transparent reporting of initial data analyses

BMC Med Res Meth (2020) 20:61 Link

Supplementary material

1. Study protocol for IDA literature review. Link

2. Design of IDA collection form. Link