Project: IDA for regression

Project description

The objective is to provide examples on conducting initial data analysis (IDA) in a reproducible manner in the context of intended regression analyses.

Authors: Marianne Huebner, Georg Heinze, Mark Baillie (+others TBN)

This is a joint project between the Topic Groups 2 and 3 of the STRATOS Initiative.

Project status: ACTIVE

Project outcomes:

  1. Sample IDA reports to illustrate steps 3 and 4 of the IDA framework
  2. Recommendations for IDA (step 3 of IDA framework)
  3. Explanation and elaboration of potential consequences to the SAP as a result of IDA findings (step 5 of IDA framework)
  4. Recommendations for reporting of IDA for regression analyses (step 6 of IDA framework)
  5. Manuscript with scope of regression model, results and consequences of IDA

Supplementary material

All R code will be made publicy available. All data set already are or will be publicly available.